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Computer Lab Rules for Students

Peekskill Middle School


Computer labs are special places filled with lots of expensive and fragile equipment.  In order for the computer lab to maintain the equipment and an excellent learning environment we need to establish guidelines for behavior in the Computer Lab


Read this list of rules carefully

          Share this list with your parents or guardian.  If you have any questions about the rules, ask, I will be happy to explain.  All students are held responsible for knowing and understanding the rules.  If a student does not follow these rules they can not be allowed to use the computers at Peekskill Middle School.  Your signature on the attached sheet is a promise to obey the rules.  It also means that if you are uncertain about any behavior in the computer lab you will check with a responsible adult at Peekskill Middle School.  Observance of the rules insures that all students are responsible users of this wonderful tool, the computer!


  1. Students are not permitted in any computer lab unless directly supervised by a staff member.
  2. Never share your password, even with your best friend.
  3. No gum, food or drinks in the lab, electronic equipment doesn’t like to get wet or sticky.  Accidents do happen even to the careful students.
  4. Listen to directions.  When I ask for your attention, please stop your work.  Listening to directions will increase your ability to be successful in this class.
  5. Never touch another student’s computer.  If you are helping another student guide them by using words, don’t touch their mouse, keyboard or computer.
  6. Just as in any other classroom students should stay in their seats.  If you have a question or need help raise your hand.  Use the time to try to figure out the answers to your own questions.  Review your notes, on-line materials and of course the HELP button in all programs.
  7. Only use the Internet as instructed.  You may not use school computers to write or receive e-mail messages, use chat rooms, update or respond to non-school related blogs or surf the Internet.  Do not click on links that seem suspicious or are offers of “free” anything.
  8. Do not use the mouse or keyboard as a toy.  This means do not randomly click on the mouse or hit the keys on the keyboard without a purpose.
  9. Do not change computer preference settings or endeavor to “hack” into unauthorized areas.
  10. Always use print preview before you print.  Make sure that your heading is on all documents, pick up your work at the printer and turn in to the hand-in-box.  Plan your time.  All students can not print at the same time.
  11. Ask for permission before printing.
  12. To prepare for dismissal from class you should follow these procedures:
    1. Exit any programs you are using.  The login screen should be showing on the desktop.  Return any supplies.
    2. Straighten your work area and retrieve your books from the book shelf.

c.  Stand by your computer, push in your chair.



Student’s Signature _____________________________ Date______

Parent or Guardian’s Signature _____________________ Date______